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顺汉坊养肝茶 Liver Recovering Tea 10x4g±

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顺汉坊养肝茶 Liver Recovering Tea 10x4g± 總分: 0 - 0評價

Net Weight: 10x4g±

建议泡法: 将1茶包放入杯中,注入200-250毫升沸水,浸泡10分钟以上即可饮用。

保存方式: 由于产品不含防腐剂,若不立即食用或开封后,请存放于冰箱冷藏。

Preparation Method: Place one tea bag into a mug and add 200-250ml boiling water. Allow to infuse for a least 10 minutes.

Storage Condition: The product does not contain preservatives, please keep in the refrigerated, if not consume or after opened.

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